Capital Projects Update  – Murray McGregor

With Christmas behind us we can get down to business of preparing tasks for the new year.

Watermain Extension Phase 1 – M’Chigeeng First Nation received a nice Christmas gift from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), with hard work from the project team and persistent lobbying from leadership we were successful in obtaining funding for Phase 1 of the Watermain Extension Project. This project will be connecting to the watermain at the intersection of Corbiere Road and Hill St. and run to the end of Crosshill road 3,650m, we are also extending north on Spring Bay Road approximately 450m. see attached design.

Asset Management – M’Chigeeng was also successful in with funding to start an asset management program, my office is in the process of gathering information for the Consulting Firm Dillon to start putting together a program for MFN.

Elevated Storage Reservoir – Based on the 2019 Assessment report for the water tower, we were successful in obtaining approval for the remediation of the interior lining of the water tower (Elevated Storage Reservoir). The planning for this project is in full swing with the team preparing for taking the ESR off line the summer of 2023. This means we will have a heightened fire watch plan in place, some upgrades to the water plant to ensure we have continued water supply in the watermains. Stay tuned for more information.

Downtown Watermain – As part of the review of the water system we were also successful in receiving funding to do an assessment of the watermain system in the downtown area of M’Chigeeng. This is non evasive testing to check the state of the older watermains in the system.

Lakeview School Health & Safety Remediation – This project stalled a bit near Christmas with some staffing issues from one of the sub-trades, this project is progressing with only a few items left to address, the roof over the gym, upgrades to front entrance and supply of a new generator that will power the whole school when needed.

Lakeview Booster Station– Project is still on-going, waiting delivery of new generator and pressure tank upgrades to help moderate water flow and water pressure.

Gaaming Lagoons– All documents are in with ISC, the project team is optimistic that this project will start this year. Upon approval the project will be tendered with an expected construction period of 1.5 years.

Solid Waste/ Transfer Station-Due to funding constraints from the Lands & Economic Development Services Program (LEDSP) arm if Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), this project is divided into 3 phases:

  • Phase I – FN Operated Transfer Station; with all the paperwork and required documentation in place the project team is awaiting approval for the design and construction a new transfer station.
  • Phase II– A separate proposal was produced to purchase all the equipment required to operate the transfer station and for curbside collection. All required quotes have been submitted and awaiting approval.
  • Phase III– Site clean up, the team is preparing the documentation for this phase, we will be cleaning and capping the refuse that was dumped over the escarpment over the years.

New Housing Initiative– CPPW office along with the housing team were successful in another section 95 CMHC housing project. The final paperwork is in process and design underway, we are expecting to go to tender early spring 2023.

Roads Need Study– The Roads review has been completed with the draft report in hand, the team met to review the report with and executive summery being prepared for Chief & Council. This report will help layout the work and costs required to get the roads in M’Chigeeng back up standard operating levels. Based on the draft study we need approximately 6.2 million dollars to remediate the roads. Unfortunately, the current roads budget is not enough to address the required upgrades. This report will provide documentation for funding opportunities and a strategy to address the required upgrades.

CPPW office along with the public works manager are in the process of developing a fleet management plan that will layout when fleet upgrades are undertaken, this plan will layout and optimise the useful life of the equipment and ensure the First Nation return on investment to maximise returns. This strategy will list the fleet and when to trade in while the equipment to improve cash flows.

“Progress is impossible without change.”
– Walt Disney


If you have any questions regarding this report do not hesitate to contact my office,

Public Works Update  – Treena Debassige

Aanii M’Chigeeng, Happy February!

Hope all is well, and everyone is enjoying this spring weather we’ve been having lately. Here in the Public Works Department, we’ve been battling the wet, heavy snow and ice to ensure our community commutes safely. The winter months have the Public Works Department busy with snow removal and ensuring our roads meet the proper standards.

This month ahead, we are expected to have proper winter weather and we are ready to hit it head on! When we aren’t out on the roads, we are usually at the shop ensuring maintenance is done properly to our trucks and plows ensuring we are ready for the next snow fall or snow removal and ditch clean ups. Road checks are conducted daily by crew members in the early morning hours, from there they get to it ensuring everyone gets to their destinations safely on our roads! Sanding of roads occurs when we are just about to reach freezing temperatures to avoid ice on our roads. If we are to sand as it is raining, it becomes least effective as the rain washes the sand mixture off our roads. We do our very best to keep roads maintained and safe. Sanding of our parking lots occur once roads are maintained, sanding also occurs for our elderly when we receive these icy conditions to avoid slip and falls. Sometimes, crews are also out sanding and assisting our water delivery truck when they enter roadways and driveways that are icy.

The Public Works Department would like to take the time to remind the public to drive with extra caution, follow posted speed limits when driving in unpleasant weather. Speed limits on roads are critical, speed limits are put in place for your safety, we kindly ask the public to follow those posted speed limits. We hope everyone had a great January, we wish everyone good health and safety!

Treena Debassige
Public Works Manager