Ontario Works

We support local initiatives by creating and maintaining partnerships that continue to assist band members with their employment, training, and education goals. We work to help people with short-term financial needs to become employed and achieve self-reliance through mutual responsibilities of the participant and delivery agent

Programs and Services

Ontario Works provides a wide variety of programs and services to support band members in their employment and education goals.

Members have access to Employment Counselling and the Addictions Support Initiative Program as well as the programs and services listed below.

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The OW worker will provide services depending on your situation with Income assistance, Discretionary Benefits and/or Emergency Assistance.
Supports individuals with the shortest route to independence via education, training and ultimately employment. Basic education, job skills, training, literacy and numeracy programs, life skills training, child care expenses, transportation expenses, employment related expenses, employment/training start up benefit, full time employment benefit, and self-employment assistance.

Provides essential skills/training for workplace while upgrading literacy and numeracy levels through one-on-one education.

Gives people receiving social assistance the opportunity to continue to their communities, learn basic work and life skills, gain work experience and make contacts for future employment.
Monies can be issued to cover licensed or unlicensed child care that is necessary to support participation and/or employment

Provides financial incentives for participants to earm income through employment and training in the form of exemptions and recognition of child care costs.

Assists people with the financial support they may need as they participate in various employment activities such as school, training, or community placement programs. This includes transportation and child care costs. Participants starting work or training may require appropriate clothing/gear/tools etc. are assisted with the Employment/Training Start Up Benefit or the Full Time Employment Benefit.
Provides the use of social assistance funds in combination with funding from other sources to generate employment and/or skill development for people on social assistance. Intent of the program is so that employers may provide the participant with ongoing employment.
Funds for services that would not otherwise be available for low-income families. Services support fuller participation in economic, social, and cultural activities.

assits the frail elderly and disabled who wish to remain in their homes with ongoing or short term home support services during periods of incapacitation convalescence. They perform routine household cleaning and can care for children if primary guardian faces unexpected short term illness or hospitalization. Homemakers do not administer medication.