Happy Spring M’Chigeeng!

April showers may bring May flowers to you all, but here in the Public Works Department, this means construction season!

This month, you will see the Public Works Department out and about (even in the rain) commencing Spring Clean up, Minor construction, Pothole Patrol, Ditching and trenching. Within the next while, we will begin culvert replacement. Please follow us on social media or check out M’Chigeengs app for updates given by the Public Works Manager when construction will commence.

We would like to take the time to remind community members also, fellow neighbouring communities of the construction zone areas. Crosshill Road has been under construction since late September of 2022. We remind all, to exercise caution when travelling through construction sites. There is exciting news to come regarding roads throughout the community that the Public Works Department is excited to announce within the next couple of weeks! Again, watch for updates from the Public Works Manager through our website, social media pages and through our app!

Until next time! Enjoy this spring weather & take care!

Treena Debassige, Public Works Manager

Late Fall 2020, the review of the Capital Projects/public works program began, the draft study was completed and presented to Chief and Council winter 2022. The report indicated that M’Chigeeng has an over all asset value of over 137 million dollars with 11.5 million in potential O&M activities required to get the assets up to todays standards.  During the review and on going, CPPW has started to address the O&M back log and has initiated of serval projects and completed projects that already begun.  The report indicated this current infrastructure needs required immediate attention and would take 2-7 years to address.  The report also indicated that more staffing is required to meet the needs of the community. The report was approved in principle by leadership with concerns of how more staffing would improve services. Therefore, the project team started the next phase of the review hiring a firm to review the programs and the Restructuring Report comparing M’Chigeeng to other communities of the same size and program delivery. The first tech memo has been prepared and is under review, already the first Meno indicates that the level of service standards is lower than other other communities.

The restructuring Report also recommends a moder day approach to managing the assets, this is generally done with an asset management program which is currently underway with the study/report expected this fall 2023.  The asset Management program will provide the building blocks to start a strategy on and grow the infrastructure program strengthening it with better financial planning and ensuring we get the most out of the assets by maintaining them properly and planning for replacement or upgrades before they fail.

The strategy has already been implemented with minor and major capital projects, the projects listed below have been approved and are in the process of implementation.

Lakeview Booster Station, Lakeview School Health & Safety Remediation, Asset Management, Elevated Storage Reservoir, Downtown Watermain, At the completion of these projects we will have assets up to date with todays standards, new operations & maintenance manuals and modern costs to operate and maintain to todays standards. The lates of the studies to be reviewed and approved by Chief and Council is the Roads Need Study –This report will help layout the work and costs required to get the roads in M’Chigeeng back up proper operating standards. Based on the study we need approximately 6.2 million dollars to remediate the roads.  With the current roads budget addressing the required upgrades will be a challenge. This report will provide documentation for funding opportunities and a strategy to address the required upgrades. CPPW office along with the public works manager are in the process of implementing the Roads strategy with improvements and replacements of culverts that have gone past their life expectancy, ditching and upgrades to roads signage. Funding for this has been identified in the 2023-24 First Nation Infrastructure Investment Plan (FNIIP).

May’s update will be focused on the Elevated Storage Reservoir Project.

“It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” — Charles Darwin


If you have any questions regarding this report do not hesitate to contact my office