M’Chigeeng Business Development Centre
404 Highway 551, PO Box 333
M’Chigeeng, Ontario P0P 1G0


Tenders marked with contents in a sealed envelope will be received up to 4:00 pm, Friday November 3, 2023, by the undersigned for snow plowing, salting, and sanding at the following locations:

  1. Front of Building & Perimeter (WEST parking lot) – create SAFE access for the public, workplace staff, and delivery vehicles.
  2. Rear of Building & Perimeter (EAST parking lot) – create SAFE access for workplace staff, tenant parking and delivery vehicles.
  3. Entire Sidewalk for building facility; salting and sanding completed by 7:00 am each day per weather conditions.
  4. Loader & Dump Truck Haulage price per visit of Excess Snow/Ice quantities when required.

General Terms and Conditions:

  1. Contractor must register their business with M’Chigeeng First Nation; business By-Law #196 prior to submitting Tender OR have current registration at band administration office.
  2. Snowplowing Schedule – plowing is to be on as needed or required basis.

Contractor must be available for call out during all hours, especially evenings and including weekends.  Required to completely have entire lot areas cleared of snow 1 hour PRIOR to Grocery store daily opening (8 am).

  1. Contractor must plow and sand roadway access points (adjacent to Highway 551) at outside perimeter of the Business Development Centre parking lot.
  2. Sanding is heavily required for ALL sidewalks, front, side and rear parking lot sections of pavement including delivery/receiving areas.
  3. Salting is to be on as needed and/or required basis for ICY conditions.
  4. Contractor must submit a copy of a valid driver’s license (all drivers) and Commercial General Liability insurance coverage (Minimum of $2 million dollar) AND Automobile Liability (bodily injury & property combined) with tender; Must provide a Certificate of Insurance with M’Chigeeng First Nation as first loss payee upon request.
  5. Contractor must have a visible rotating amber or yellow light on snow plowing equipment/vehicle. Contractor will be invoiced and must pay for damaged concrete curbing and parking lot fixtures (lamp posts, grocery cart corral, grocery carts…etc.) if damaged by driver – at own expense.
  6. Completed Tenders must include:
    • Snow Plowing, Salting, and Sanding price per visit to Business Development Centre Site as per above General Terms and Conditions.
    • Loader & Dump Truck Haulage price per visit of Excess Snow/Ice quantities.
  1. Successful award of this Tender, when approved, will be notified in writing by M’Chigeeng First Nation Business and Economic Development Manager.

The lowest price or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Submit Tender bid by email to:


c/o Natalie Shawana, Business and Economic Development Manager

Mark Subject Line with:

“Snow Plowing/ Salt/ Sanding/Haulage

2023/2024 Season