On March 1, 2023, Chief and Council received a financial assistance presentation and proposal from the Little NHL Coordinator, Mr. Andrew Corbiere.  Mr. Jimmy Panamick attended with the Little NHL Coordinator to assist in the presentation.  The Council was provided a copy of the OFNLP Application, proposed budget and Rosters of each team attending.  This was also presented on screen for online viewers and Councillors attending virtually.  We are attaching for ease of reference for families attending.

The Council approved the following based on the proposal:

  • Use of approximately $64,306.00 of the OFNLP (formerly Casino Rama fund) Fund based on the proposal provided.
  • Each family would be eligible to receive $1,738.00 to help with hotel and travel based on the child playing (who also must be a registered band member);
  • The Little NHL Coordinator will keep the First Nation up to date if families decide to not go and would therefore forfeit the financial assistance. The Little NHL Coordinator confirmed that all hotel receipts will be provided to M’Chigeeng First Nation following the tournament.
  • For children playing for another team because M’Chigeeng doesn’t have a team going, and upon the advice from the Little NHL Coordinator, they will be required to provide proof that they are on another team (Roster), provide a copy of their status card, and provide M’Chigeeng First Nation with hotel receipts following the tournament.

The cheques will be made this week as identified in the proposal.  For children who were not included in the list and are playing for a different team, please contact Marlene Debassige, Office Administrator at (705) 377-5362 or via email at marlened@mchigeeng.ca.

The Chief and Council of M’Chigeeng would like to wish all families travelling to the Little NHL a very safe trip, a fun experience and happy memories made.



Ogimaa Kwe Linda Debassige