Aanii M’Chigeeng!

Fantastic learning continues to happen at Lakeview School! Each of the classes have been working arduously every day!

Community engagement is very important to student success. The grade 7 and 8 classes invited families in for a Mother’s Day Team and poem sharing! It is so amazing to see families attending Lakeview School to support and encourage their children. The poems that the students wrote were very heart warming! Mrs. D. also hosted, “Building Relationshipes Through Movement” engagement evening. She kept everyone moving and completed the evening with a Tiktok dance! Our Anishinaabemowin program hosted a lunch engagement session as well! Participants enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries and an interactive Anishinaabemowin activity for all. The students are very excited to see family members and community members attend the engagement sessions! It gives them a sense of pride! Please keep a watch out for more engagement activities coming up in the month of June!

Lakeview School is hosting an attendance challenge to all students! If we can get 100% attendance for one day, the students can ‘pie’ a teacher! Our Chief and Enaagdenjged are eagerly waiting for the call because they have graciously agreed to take a pie or two to the face as well! The day will end with a dance party or games for the last block! Let’s go Lakeview families, we can do this!

As we count down the final days of this school year, we are happy and saddened that our Grade 8’s will be transitioning away from us! We are happy that we have been able to be an integral part of their learning journey and happy that we have so many great memories of them all! We are sad to see them go because they really are a part of our Lakeview Family! We know that they will do well and we will continue to cheer them on and provide support when we can!

Naahaw! Mii si wi!

Gayle Payette