Please be advised that the Council met last night and made a decision to move forward with a humane strategy to catch Stray and Unleashed Dogs and Stray Cats as soon as possible.  Today, we have had several engagements with Ontario Animal Services as well as contractors to move forward with the strategy.  At this point in time we are awaiting proposals to carry out this service.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.

In relation to the health notice, we have confirmed with the local veterinarian (as a result of information received from a concerned band member) that there is a bacteria described as an “infectious agent” has been found in a dog due to a bite from another dog.  The bacteria is transmitted by saliva.  This “infectious agent” can become very serious if the infected animal bites another animal or human.  Please be vigilant as we work to have the stray and unleashed dog and stray cat situation addressed as soon as possible.  For pet owners who are concerned about the health their pets, we recommend that you take them to the Veterinarian as soon as possible for an assessment.

We are reminding all animal owners in M’Chigeeng First Nation to ensure that your pets are well taken care of, tied up and on a leash.  This is for the safety of all M’Chigeeng Band Members.


Ogimaa Kwe Linda Debassige