Aanii M’Chigeeng Community Members,

We are excited to announce an opportunity for you to become an integral part of our upcoming Community Safety Campaign! M’Chigeeng First Nation is on the lookout for community members of all ages and walks of life who are eager to help us promote safety and well-being in our community.

We believe that the best way to represent our community is to feature the real people who live, work, and grow here. From our respected Elders preserving our traditions, vibrant youth bringing fresh perspectives, to our diligent health workers, devoted parents, local business owners — we want you to help us shape our safety campaign.

Here’s what we need from you:

  • A willingness to be photographed and/or filmed as part of our campaign materials.
  • An eagerness to promote safety and unity within our community.
  • Signed model release form granting us permission to use your image/likeness in our campaign.

Here’s the exciting part: every community member who participates will be entered into a draw to receive one of five $50 Freshmart gift cards!

If you or someone you know would be a great fit for our campaign, please get in touch. Let’s work together to make M’Chigeeng a safer and more connected place to live. Remember, our community’s strength lies in the people who call it home.

For more information, please contact me via email, communications@mchigeeng.ca or by phone at (705)377-5362 ext. 240. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


Natalie Edward
Communications Officer

M’Chigeeng First Nation



  1. Elders (65+)

– We’re looking for respected and active Elders in our community, individuals who play key roles in preserving our culture, traditions, and stories.

  1. Youth (13-18 years old)

– Seeking energetic, tech-savvy, and engaged youth who actively participate in community activities. They might be in sports clubs, cultural groups, or simply show a commitment to bettering our community.

  1. Young Adults (19-30 years old)

– Looking for young adults who are making a positive impact in our community. They could be young professionals, college students, or volunteers who show leadership and enthusiasm in community matters.

  1. Parents

– Interested in parents who are actively involved in community events and activities, and who are advocates for the safety and wellbeing of our children.

  1. Community Health & Wellness Workers

– Looking for health workers, mental health advocates, counselors, or anyone involved in our community’s health and wellness. Their presence will help us highlight the intersection of health and safety in our campaign.

  1. Local Business Owners

– We would like to feature local business owners, as they contribute to the economic vitality and safety of our community.

  1. Community Safety Volunteers

– We are seeking members currently or previously involved in community safety initiatives. They could be part of neighbourhood watch groups, community patrollers, or emergency response volunteers (including firefighters!)


Please note, participants will need to sign a model release form, giving permission for their image and likeness to be used in the campaign materials.


We value the diversity and inclusivity of our community, and encourage all interested parties to participate regardless of gender, age, or physical ability. Our aim is to reflect the spirit and identity of our community in our safety campaign.