Aanii Parents/Guardians,
Welcome to another year of learning and growing at the Binoojiinh Gamgoonhs! I’m pleased to share that we have made some exciting changes at the Centre. Those of you returning will notice some staffing changes. We are very pleased to announce/confirm the following staff members for each program:
Infant Program: Bethany Taibossigai (RECE) & Shania Roy (Educator Assistant) Toddler Program: Jasmine Roy-Corbiere (RECE); Valerie Corbiere (RECE) & Mnawaate Gordon-Corbiere (Educator Assistant)
Preschool Program: Erica Young (RECE) & Brenda Armstrong (Educator Assistant)
Before and Afterschool Program(s): Dream Saunders, Sheila Esquib, Shania Roy, Mnawaate Gordon-Corbiere

We are also pleased to be working closely with our new Director of Education, Kimberley Debassige, who brings a tremendous amount of experience and expertise in the field of education. We will also be posting soon for an Assistant Supervisor to help in our efforts to provide high-quality early learning programming. Together, we are committed to these goals:

  1. Ensuring a welcoming and safe environment for students, parents/guardians.
  2. Focusing more deeply on early literacy and numeracy skills.
  3. Integrating Ways of being, knowing and understanding through Ontario Early Years Pedagogy focusing on culture -Aodiziwon, and language – Anishinaabemowin.

To achieve our goals, we are working collaboratively with two talented educational consultants who bring expertise in the above goal-areas.

  • Dr. Pat Bucci is an Education Consultant with expertise in brain development, early childhood education and special education. Pat will be at the centre throughout the year, to coach, model and mentor staff, and to assess student growth.
  • Ms. Faith Hale is an Indigenous Early Childhood Education Consultant who will provide both professional development sessions and in-class support over the course of the year.

We look forward to seeing you at the Centre for drop-offs, pick-ups, parent engagement sessions, etc. On September 20th we will be holding our annual “memorial” pow-wow from 9:30AM-11:30AM with a feast to follow, and on September 28th we will be hosting a meet and greet evening from 5pm – 6:30pm. Please keep watch for upcoming events and activities being hosted and/or facilitated by our team in the Child & Family Support Program (aka Toy Library).

Later include this our week, approved you will daycare receive a calendar. copy of Please the take 2023/24 time Parent to review Handbook it carefully which and will On don’t behalf hesitate of the to let us Binoojiinh know if you Gamgoonhs have any staff, we questions, look forward comments to or working suggestions.with you to provide your child with the best possible learning opportunities.

Yours in Early Childhood Education,

Denise Debassige