Please be advised we just very recently gained knowledge of a Community Meeting that is scheduled for today.  It is unknown as to who the Organizer or Organizers are for this meeting.

At the last community meeting, I was unable to attend as my late father was on his death bed and I made the choice to spend his final days with him.  I was informed by the Enaagdenjged and confirmed by Council that moving forward and planning for the next community meeting would be done together with those in the community working together with the Enaagdenjged to make this happen.  The community group agreed to help in creating the Agenda and working with the Enaagdenjged in the planning process.  I have confirmed with the Enaagdenjged that nobody has reached out to him.

Today, through various inquiries I was advised that it is assumed that that one of our band members, Perry Bebamash is the organizer of this meeting.  I left a message for Mr. Bebamash to call me.  I have not received a call back as of the time of this letter.

Community Meetings are very important and it is important that these meetings are prepared for in a good way.  The Chief and Council, the Department Managers and all those who are able to answer questions put forward by members of the community should be in attendance.  However, without being invited in a good way and working together in a good way and without proper notice – not everyone is prepared nor available to attend for very important reasons including some very personal family commitments, Ceremony and illness.

At this time I have committed to a very personal family commitment that is an annual honouring, I will not be in attendance.  I would have explained this very important commitment to the Organizer or Organizers and would have encouraged planning this event in a good way including working with the Enaagdenjged in relation to his commitment that he made, proper notice to community, to the staff and to the Council.  Advance planning would lead to a successful and positive out come in the midst of frustration and uncertainty.

We continue to be committed to working towards a properly planned Community Meeting and further look forward to sharing with the Community a Report on the last few years during an unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic at the Annual General Meeting in December.

We encourage the Organizer and/or Organizers to reach out to us at their earliest convenience.  I can be contacted on my cell at 705-210-9985.  Collaboration is important to move forward in a meaningful manner.


Ogimaa Kwe Linda Debassige